At Viano Veterinary Services we understand the heartbreak you are experiencing when you have to say goodbye to your furry family member. We have also experienced that dreadful day when you have to make the extremely difficult and unselfish decision to love them enough to let them go.

A home euthanasia allows you and your family members the time that you need to have a proper goodbye and provides your pet with a peaceful, dignified and respectful transition. It enables you to be in the privacy of your own home and doesn’t cause unnecessary hospital stress in your pet’s final moments.

Dr. Viano’s goal is to make this heart wrenching experience as smooth as possible and to give your long time best friend a worthy send off.

What To Expect at the Euthanasia Appointment

Plan for the appointment to last about an hour. Your pet should be in the place that is most comfortable and calming for them. If they are still eating, please have their favorite treats readily available.

After they have greeted Dr. Viano in their own way, she will begin by administering a calming injection under the skin. After a short time a second injection will be given in order to anesthetize them. When everyone is ready the final injection will be given. Every pet and pet owner are unique and the appointment will be tailored to best meet the needs of both.


Euthanasia Requests based solely on aggression or behavior will require consultation with your Vet and/or prior assessment by a trainer or a behaviorist and have additional fees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (845) 244-1160 if you think the time has come.